Freedom has many forms / / notes and news on graffiti writings

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In this lecture-performance Ateliersi exposes materials that tell the stories related to the wall writings. Little secrets, micro stories, anecdotes about the authors and about the act of writing/contamination are revealed. Books, photographs, audio and video documents are used. The spectator may use these informations as a deepening, prologue or epilogue to the show Se la mia pelle vuoi.

Freedom has many forms is a part of URBAN SPRAY LEXICON PROJECT, a dramaturgical and performative research of the writings that appear and disappear from the city walls. It consists of Executioner-A brief concert for graffiti, voice and synthesisers (2011-2012),  If you want my skin (2013) and the lesson-performance Freedom has many forms. Notes and news from graffiti writings (2013).

With URBAN SPRAY LEXICON PROJECT Ateliersi collects the writings from today annotating and photographing them, and rescues those from the past digging them up in books, reviews and private collections. From the collected material Ateliersi composes a new dramaturgy, storing them in the poems becomes a way of preserving the ephemeral. To these small units of text, on the scene are given cries and whispers: visual signs are transformed into performative gestures. It is an artistic operation where theatrical language operates in straight contact with visual arts and sound design, where the dynamics of an urban landscape become a scenic material. Ateliersi is interested in the street, inhabited by anonymous individuals, where the limit between public and private is mobile and undefined.


Fiorenza Menni and Andrea Alessandro La Bozzetta

Andrea Alessandro La Bozzetta

technical direction:
Giovanni Brunetto

administration and organization:
Elisa Marchese

project and communication management:
Tihana Maravić


USLP on stage

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