Ateliersi is an artistic production’s collective which operates in the field of theatre and performing arts.

It deals with artistic production (performances, dramaturgy, editorial projects, actor’s training) and with Atelier Sì‘s cultural program.

Ateliersi’s members are Fiorenza Menni (artistic director, actress and author), Andrea Mochi Sismondi (artistic director, actor and author), Elisa Marchese (administration), Tihana Maravic (projects and communication management), Antonella Babbone (promotion and distribution), Silvia Guescini (organisation and space management) and Diego Segatto (web and artistic designer).

Several other artistic collaborators and consultants are involved in specific projects.

Atelier Sì – San Vitale Street 69, in Bologna – is the groups’ headquarters, a workshop for experimentation and production, as well as a public space which hosts artists and performances, offering an opportunity for exchanging thoughts and aesthetical experiences.

Ateliersi’s creation sets out theatrical works and artistic interventions, where performative gesture forms an organic dialogue with anthropology, literature, musical production and visual arts, facilitating a communication of thought capable of intercepting anxieties and perspectives, which coagulate meaning around the world’s subversions.

Ateliersi’s artistic work is characterized by a multidisciplinary and innovative approach focused on a pronounced performativity towards the contamination between theatrical and other artistic languages .