Romani Anthem

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Romani Anthem is the title of the performance that Fiorenza Menni dedicates to the memory of a people who posses a nationality, without a nation. There are three themes that arise in the course of the narration, inspired by the text by Yarko Yovanovich: the happiness of a free life, the memory of the Nazi extermination, and the call to young Roma to rouse a sense of belonging and unity. Far from all forms of folklore, the research of Fiorenza Menni (who has already given life to two shows following the permanent Roma community in Macedonia, municipality of Suto Orizari) works in collaboration with musician Francesco Guerri, who blends inspiration from various Balkan songs and elaborates with the cello to include elements of more extreme rock.



inspired by:
Jelem Jelem by Yarko Yovanovich

by and with:
Fiorenza Menni and Francesco Guerri


on stage

01.07.2011 Operakantika Monselice (PD) | 23.06.2011 perAspera festival Bologna