Don’t Stand Still / in the wind

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Don’t stand still in the wind

Don’t stand still in the wind is a poetic and musical reading designed and performed by Fiorenza Menni, who, for its composition has pursued a track aimed to restore the thoughts and the independent and the innovative actions of some authors selected for their capability to be shattering (Alejandra Pizarnik, Emily Dickinson, Anne Sexton, Claudia Rankine and Rupi Kaur).

It’s a path capable to involve the audience in the emotion of the most radical position of these selected poets, of their ethical imaginations and, where happened, of the struggles and the rebellions practiced in their personal lives. The poetic interpretation is in dialogue with the original music played by the percussionist Giulia Formica and with the first amazing pupazza created by the illustrator and cartoonist Francesca Ghermandi.

Fiorenza Menni, following this track, intends to let emerge which different worlds have imagined and desired the poets able to write those verses. What new and different ways of living or imagining life have been able to suggest.


by and with Fiorenza Menni
sound project by Fiorenza Menni and Giulia Formica
on drums Giulia Formica
in collaboration with Biblioteca Italiana delle Donne

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