A Face Without Weapons

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    The action A face without weapons by and with Fiorenza Menni was specially created for the Festival Focus Jelinek with the artistic direction of Elena Di Gioia.

    The text A face without weapons is a dedication written by Elfriede Jelinek for the face of Isabelle Huppert, extraordinary protagonist of the film The Piano Teacher by Michael Haneke (2001), based on the novel of Elfriede Jelinek’s The Piano (1983) and from there, to the force the face of the actresses.


    scenic action by and with Fiorenza Menni
    in collaboration with Karin Andersen (recorded voice) e Alessandro Gaffuri (sound)
    before the projection of the film The piano teacher
    production Ateliersi and Festival Focus Jelinek

    on stage

    1.12.2014. Cinema San Biagio, Cesena | 2.12.2014. Cineteca di Bologna, Bologna | 24.1.2015. Cisim / Ravenna viso-in-aria, Lido Adriano (RA) | 20.2.2015. Teatro Biagi D’Antona / Sguardi, Castel Maggiore (BO) |