Ateliersi is a collective of artistic production that operates in the field of theater and performing arts.
It deals with
•    artistic production (performances, writings, editorial projects, workshops)
•    cultural program of the Atelier Sì, also called  Sì.

Atelier Sì – situated in the center of Bologna – is the group’s headquarters, an atelier for experimentation and production, a public space that hosts artists and features works offering a comparison of thoughts and aesthetic experiences.

The themes and the modalities typical of the collective artistic research are transferred in the curating of Atelier Sì, which is not only the production headquarter of the group, but also a public place where Ateliersi creates a multi and interdisciplinary programme, which consists in:

THEATRE AND PERFORMING ARTS (performances, residences)
VISUAL ARTS (installations, performances, residences)
NOCTURNAL AND SOUND ARTS (concerts, dj and live sets)
SELF ORIENTED ARTS (when the spectator becomes an active participant)
DISCOURSE AND WRITING ARTS (talks, encounters, lectures, readings)

and is characterized by:
– a focus on artistic residences
– a strong relation between production and programming
– an attention towards the most different forms of training and education
– a connection with emerging fields such as social innovation, audience and community building
– a programming which is voluntarily mobile and operates changes and variations in progress while listening to the fervour of the present time
– a certainty that staying and discoursing within the art generates beauty.

The last programme concepts (in italian):

Spaziotempo 2015/16
Con il fervore del sale 2014/15