Die Hamletmaschine / von Heiner Müller

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“I am not Hamlet. I play no role anymore. […] My place, if my drama ever took place, would be at both sides of the front, between the fronts, over them. […] I shake, choked with nausea, my fist against myself, standing behind the bulletproof glass”.

Heiner Müller’s Hamlet is mirrored between the tanks. We propose single Hamletmaschine gears inside the resonance mechanism that catches echoes of blocked perspectives. Represented immobilism in which semantic coincidences prevent to play its own clear role.



a drama shared by
Fiorenza Menni, Federica Falancia and Alessandro Gulino

on stage

18.06.2013 perAspera Festival Bologna | 26.05.2013 F.A.C.K. Forum di Arte e Cultura Kontemporanea Cesena